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Bearing It All: Everyday Necessities


Every girl knows there is only one thing thing that will complete an amazing outfit, and that's an amazing purse :) They range from so many stules, patterns, materials, size and colors and can all make a different statement about who's carrying it. When it comes to my handbags, I'm pretty picky so I follow specific guidelines when carrying them.

In seasons like summer and spring I tend to carry a smaller bag. When the weather is warm you wanna be seen, go party, hang out, go to the beach, etc. So this means you wanna carry less with you and not have to worry about a big purse constantly being up against your body. This is usually in the summer, when I like to carry a small satchel with a long strap that I can throw over my shoulder, or a crossbody bag. When the weather is warm I tend to only carry essential items with me wherever I go, which are a mirror, one lipstick for the day, a small wallet, my phone, and maybe a comb or brush if it'll fit lol. And even then I might even just leave my purse in the car, depending on where I go. In the spring when its not too hot or too cold, I'm more willing to carry a bag that's a little bigger than my summer bag, like a small tote with an attachable shoulder strap or a saddle bag.

Fall and winter is when I get the most excited about my bags because that's when I carry my biggest, most fabulous ones lol Fall for me, is all about brown leather bags, usually with two handles and a strap with TONS of compartments. I also like to carry tote bags because I just love the feel of holding my purse down by my side as I'm strutting into a building with a rockin out fit lol. Bigger totebags pair great with tall boots or short booties which I love wearing in fall and winter. Bigger purses also balance out the big coats and more clothes we have to wear during this time of the year.

So no matter your style, you can easily find a purse or purses that go with anything you wear and make the statement you wanna make. Some of my favorite places to get handbags are: tj maxx,, sole, forever 21, pacsun, and rue 21.

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