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The Big Chop: My First Pixie Cut

Soooooooo I cut my hair short!!!!! 😙😜💇🏾 I am super excited because I've been wanting to do this for a few years now... and I finally did it! The crazy thing is I don't miss my hair in the least bit. I think it's because I had already emotionally detached myself from my long hair and prepared myself for what it would take to have short hair.

There is just something about short hair on a woman that I have always found so feminine and delicate. And in some cases, women look way better with short hair versus long. I mean just think of how many celebrities' looks were brought to the next level once they cut their hair off. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Nia Long .... the list goes on!

I had honestly wanted to cut my hair short since high school, but I had always the girl with the thick long pretty hair, and not to mention my mom and sisters weren't too thrilled at the idea either. All the years I had spent trying to uphold that reputation, I was constantly trying to make sure my hair was always perfect. And at one point I kept a flat iron with me everywhere I went. I was only damaging my hair more and more, and before long, my hair quickly started breaking off. I mean every time I washed it I noticed my hair was getting shorter and shorter.

Of course before actually deciding to cut it, I tried to try out different options of hairstyles that I thought could maybe sway my decision and actually make me want to hang onto my hair. Earlier this year, I had begun wearing my hair natural in an attempt to avoid using so much heat on it. I tried curly styles but could never get my curls to look moisturized and bouncy like I wanted. My hair would always poof out, and had several different curl patterns. And I knew it was because it was so damaged. I mean there was no way my curls were going to come out right in the state that it was in. And not to mention my shrinkage was something seriousssssss.

It wasn't until two nights before I cut my hair that I had actually made my mind up. I remember I was combing out my thick, poofy curls, which by then were a giant afro, and complaining and groaning about how much I hated having to go through that. I said this is why I need to cut it so I can start over. My boyfriend turned and looked at me and said "So do it!" I guess he was so tired of hearing me talk about it, and complain and not actually do anything about it. At that very moment something clicked inside me, and that's exactly when I knew, I was going to cut my hair. And I wasn't going to let anyone make me feel bad about it. I knew I was ready and couldn't wait to see the woman I was going to be once it was done.

The morning I went to the salon, I called ahead first and asked if they took walk-ins. The woman who answered the phone , who I later found out was the owner, told me that they did, and to come in at 11:00. I hung up the phone and immediately went to the mirror to get once last look at what would soon be no more lol. I was excited, nervous, anxious all at once because everything was set in stone. I felt like I had cut my hair as soon as I hung up the phone! lol

When I went into the salon I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome and a very calm energy and atmosphere. The owner opened the door and took one look at my hair and couldn't believe I wanted to cut it all off. Before she started we had a mini counseling session, and she asked me questions just to make sure this was what I really wanted to do. I assured her I was ready, and wasn't depressed or had just came out of a breakup or anything lol Shortly after, she started cutting.

I watched my hair fall to the floor and felt the breeze on the back of my neck, and didn't even blink twice. All I could think of was how good I was going to look, and if I didn't like it... eh it's just hair.... and it'll grow back. I had asked the stylist if she had ever had customers back out of getting a haircut and she said it happens all the time lol. She said she had clients change their minds once they heard the sound of the sheers or the clippers, and she even had clients change their minds after she had already started cutting their hair! I wanted to say I was shocked to hear that, but honestly think that would have been me If I had decided to cut it before I knew I was reallyyyyyyy ready to do it.

When she finished styling it, she turned me to the mirror and I was in awe! I could not believe how great it looked and how glad I was to have short hair! I honestly felt like this experience was long over due, and this was something I needed, especially during such a transitional time in my life. She rang me up and walked me out the door with a great big hug, and i could not have asked for a better salon experience.

If you are still reading .... bless you! 😂 lol But in all seriousness I just really wanted to share my experience testimony with you guys, especially for anyone who is contemplating cutting their hair. Don't let the fear of "not being beautiful anymore" hold you back, because there is absolutely no way hair defines you, or your beauty. I know that today, especially on social media, we put so much emphasis and importance on having long, curly, thick and healthy hair. But never let that make you feel like you cannot be beautiful without it. I honestly haven't felt this beautiful in a long time, and this is a feeling I want every woman (and even man) to have.

It's all about having confidence in yourself, and knowing that you are beautiful inside and out. And once you truly believe that for yourself, you can rock any hairstyle! Yes you, I'm talking to you! ❤️🌸🌼

And flowers, If you are ever in the Delmarva area of the U.S., visit Xanadu Salon & Spa in Middletown, DE. This is where I got my haircut, and they will do you right!!

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Pants: Full Tilt - Tilly's

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