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Slayin' Slides

Hey flowers! I hope you all are having a great week and staying cool! This week I did some shopping and bought these adorable slides! I finally broke down and bought some fur ones. Before I had convinced myself they were just a fad and would soon be out of style, but they are still one of the hottest trends today! And these are crazy comfy! All 3 pairs of slides are so casual and super glamorous, so I mean how could I resist!

Kali Fur Slides

The fur on these is so fluffy and soft I could rub them all day! They are wide enough so that you can wear them with or without socks, and I got them in black because I will be able to wear them with anything! I was looking for something simple, that I could just slip on when I'm on the go, or just making a run to the store, but I could definitely pair these with some of my favorite summer looks as well. And the best part is they are under $20!

Click the link to order yours! 

Candies Fur Slides

These pink fur slides were a random find at Kohl's lol. I don't usually shop there, but I just had to get these because they are the perfect shade of pink! These were only $25, which is also an amazing deal! I got these to wear primarily as house shoes, only because I don't want the fur to get dirty by wearing them outside. The brand is Candies, which is one of Kohl's private label brands, so visit your nearest Kohl's to snag a pair, or visit

Melissa Bow Slides

These Melissa beach bow slides are my absolute favorite of the three! They are a jelly material, and are of really good quality. They also have a bit of weight to them, which I like and I feel like they will last for quite a long time. The blush color can be worn with pretty much anything as well, and I plan to get my money's worth out of these, since they are a bit on the pricy side. The best part is Melissa shoes all have a yummy strawberry scent and come with their own dust bag!

Click the link to order yours! 

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