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How I DIY'ed My Bedroom On a Budget

November 30, 2017



 Hey flowers! So I’ve been super busy the past couple months trying to move apartments, and some other life changes lol But I feel like I am finally apt a point where i can kind of slow down a little bit, and share with you guys a little bit about what’s been going on.


I got a new apartment with my sister, and we moved a little further north of where I was living before.


I’m super excited because our apartment is adorable and so spacious! It’s also in a pretty quiet area which is also great. We’re literally 5 minutes from my dad which was a big part of why I wanted to move into this apartment so much, because it just makes me feel that much safer that he’s right down the road, if we need him. I a daddy’s girl so I can never be too far away from my dad for too long lol 


Getting this new apartment together has been extremely exciting but also equally stressful. I was so excited to get a giant room all to myself completely with my own bathroom. I’m really into interior decorating so as soon as I saw the open space my mind just started filling it with all kinds of furniture for the room I had been dreaming about.


The bathroom is my favorite because its a half bath and didn't  take much to decorate. The turquoise flower painting s on the wall are what I based the theme of the bathroom around. My sister had them at her old house and sins want them so I said i would take them and find a use for them. And i, glad i did. I love the subtly of the green-ish blue, and the simple design I chose. i barely even had everything planned before i started buying decor, but everything just started coming together so nicely I just went with it lol 





Vase: Marshall's


Cosmetic Bag: 5 Below


Buddha Head: 5 Below


Wall Canvases: 5 Below



Bamboo Stand:




Now my bedroom on the other hand, was definitely a project and a half lol I chose rose gold and gray for my colors because i love how they look together, and i wanted to mix girly with a sort of dark sophistication, which i feel embodies me very well. 


I out together my desk and bed all by myself cuz I’m a boss ;) No mainly u just dint want to pay anyone to do it or have to wait for a man to come do it . I really wanted my room to tart coming together so i just went head an out on my handy-woman hat lol  i supposed myself with how easily i was able to out everything together lol but i was extremely proud of myself and even hand-painted my bed. The faux leather frame was originally brown, but I found a lovely champagne gold color at JOANN fabrics, and it really added a nice touch to the accent wall behind it.


Bed & Accessories 


Foldable Bed: Wayfair


 Gold Duvet Cover Set:


Pink Plush Blanket: Boscov's


Decorative Pillows Covers:


"Lash Out": 


Baby Pink:



Grey Crushed Velvet: 


Gold Lamp: 


I covered the wall in cardboard, and the pinned rose gold decorative paper to it which i also got at JOANN’s. I didn’t want to paint, and my giant window made wallpaper impossible so tis was what i came up with. lol I think it turned out pretty well 😄


Rose old Paper: JOANN Fabrics



 Glass End Table: 


Pink Rug:


                                                      Pink Vase: Marshall's 


Faux Flowers: Dollar Tree


Gold Lamp:


I covered my desk in gray marble contact paper, and also sprayed parts with rose gold spray paint. Since I wanted to dresser and desk to match I made sure to use the same paper and paint so that they looked like they came as a set. I did rose gold accents on the handles of my dresser and desk, by also hand painting them. I wanted an even balance between rose gold and gray, but I didn't want everything to be too matchy either. 

 Desk: Walmart


Desk Chair: 



Marble Contact Paper:


Gray Contact Paper:



Tufted Chaise: 


I love my new room and it has turned out to be super cozy. I wanted it to be my little haven to come home to after a long day. And I think I really nailed my vision! 😋


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and let me guys know what you think in the comments!


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