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Cold Days In

Hey flowers! Welcome back! I hope all of my followers on the east coast like me are staying warm, because the weather outside is no joke! lol Yes Fall is in full effect and winter is creeping up fast! So I wanted to share with you guys what I like to do on days like this where I have free time, and just want to stay in inside where it's warm and cozy. I hope you guys like this post, and share some of the things you like to do on a cozy day in! Let me know what you think in the comments section on the homepage!

Well first, I love to cozy up with a great book. I never really have the free time to read novels much, but when I do, I love reading books on self reflection, women's empowerment, how-to books, and also some fiction books.

The one I'm currently reading is Girl Code but Cara Alwill Leyba. I love how up-beat and witty she is about telling her story about her road to success, and also how to stay confident in yourself, and in your own journey. This book has helped me a lot with staying focused and hungry to keep growing my blog, and being where I wanna be. I definitely recommend this book to any entrepreneurs out there, male or female, who is on their way to making a name for themselves, and starting their own business or brand for themselves, on their own. I honestly don't see myself working for a company long term, so I was so glad I came across this book to give me that extra push to keep going, when I felt like quitting, and doing something easier.

Another thing I love is curling up with a delicious warm cup of tea. My favorite is Lipton, but this one is a raspberry breakfast tea. I like drinking mine with sugar and a dash of milk. How do you guys like your tea? 😊

If anyone knows me well, they know I am a sucker for streaming TV shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu lol That's why I bought Amazon's Fire Stick a few months ago! And let me tell you, it is the best thing i've ever bought! lol With my busy schedule, I can watch all of my shows I miss while I'm at school or work! It's also the perfect device for having movie marathons with your friends and family. I could sit in and watch it all day if it would pay the bills! lol

As for my outfit, it's pretty simple and just one of those looks where you just throw something on because you know you're not going anywhere lol As you guys already know,

I love having an excuse for wearing a cardigan, so I feel like throwing one on just made everything look cozy but still cute! Details are down below!

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

Leggings: Charlotte Russe

Tank Top: Rue 21

Fur Slides: Kohl's

Beanie: Handmade by my Mom 😁💕

Amazon Firestick:

Also, If anyone is interested in where I got my beautiful chaise,

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