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How To Slay Your Yoga Class In Style

Hey flowers! 🌸🌸 So if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I officially started my yoga journey two weeks ago. And I absolutely fell in love! I have always wanted to try it, and knew that it was good for stress and your spirit, but I never thought I would love it as much as I do! It has honestly become an important part of my day, and I've made it a routine that my body starts to crave it when I haven't done it in a couple days.

The first morning I did it, I can honestly say it helped me sleep a lot better that night! I was like whoa! I was not expecting any sort of real benefit after my very first session. But ever since then I was hooked. I know that a lot of people say things work for them and believe they do, because they are so in love with the idea that they want it to work for them. But no guys, yoga is something serious and has made me feel way more relaxed and in a genuinely good mood each day. I honestly recommend it to anyone who has been considering it like I was. Like seriously, do it. You will be so glad you did.

Since Im just starting out, I decided that practicing at home would be best for now. I have a pretty spacious bedroom, so I have a good amount of space to extend my body when doing poses and exercises that require it. And of course I took the liberty of ordering a yoga mat and some adorable yoga gear. So here are some of my favorite looks! I wanted to color coordinate them since I wanted to create sort of my own matching sets. Outfit details are down below, and I hope you guys enjoy this post. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section!

This first set I put together is really simple, and I wanted to stick with a grey look because of the 2(X)IST sports bra. I loveeeee how comfy the top is, and it's literally my favorite one out of all of the ones I bought. It fits perfectly and I love the length, and how it hugs me 💕💕😍 I thought the ombre leggings went perfect with it because of the light gray at the bottom. Super comfy guys!

Outfit Details:

This next little short set is for runners I think, but I didn't care I had to have it! The top is very snug and came with padding inside. I didn't really need it so I ended up taking it out. I love how the shorts fit and they make your butt look amazing lol I love how the green looks against my skin tone but this set is also available in two other colors! I can't wait until I can wear it outside when it gets warmer, but for now it works just fine indoors with the heat on lol Grab this set you guys, you won't be sorry. Literally a must have!

Outfit Details:

This next look I based off of these awesome cut-out mesh leggings. They're a huge trend and I thought I'd try out a pair myself. I love how roomy these are but still are pretty snug to the body. I love how they have a little zipper in the back. It's not exactly a pocket, but you might be able to fit something really small in there like a car key.

Outfit Details:

I bought the bralette at PacSun years ago lol

This next set is a adorable because I love cropped yoga pants and the shade of blue is so pretty! I love how the ombre is subtle, but still gives the pants just the right pop of color! I figured a black top would go fine with these pants, so I just paired it with a Calvin Klein sports bra. This is one of my all time favorite brands, and this gave me a reason to finally buy one of these adorable sports bras!

Get this look:

This last little blue set is really cute and simple. I found the CK sports bra first, and really wanted a bottom that matched this shade of blue. I really like blue so I didn't think it was too much. If you guys feel otherwise, feel free to grab another color in these super soft leggings. They're pretty soft and are pretty good quality. Trust me you guys, I wore these last night during a yoga for strengthening session, and these leggings did not quit. Even though I wanted to! lol They also come with a little inner pocket to put any keys of other small items if you want to go running in them! They move really nicely with the body and I highly recommend them for beginner yogis like me!

Outfit Details:

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