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How It Felt To Finally Graduate College

Words can't even describe how that moment felt. That very moment you see in this photo. A photo that I didn't even know was being taken lol The way my courses were set up throughout my undergrad career, I had to take an extra semester to finish up all of my core fashion classes I needed to graduate. But since I still was part of Class of 2017, I decided to walk early (last May), and then come back to officially finish my degree. This photo was from the actual ceremony.

I really wanted to take the time to share this moment with you guys because this was honestly one of the happiest days of my life. And every time I think about it I almost want to tear up all over again lol Just having my family with me, watching me walk across that field, seeing all of my hard work pay off, was one of the most validating things I could ever ask for.

I'm still waiting to receive my degree in the mail, and when I do I can only imagine the feelings that will overcome me. Joy, satisfaction, excitement, completion, a sense of officially belonging in today's society. I couldn't wait to share this moment with you all. And I will definitely update this post with photos of my degree!

And yes I took my own grad photos! lol